Veronika Hafner studied directing at the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF).

Her films were selected for national and international festivals receiving multiple awards (ADC, New York Festival, Spotlight, First Steps, The Young Ones,).

As she is excited about immersing herself into new subjects and surroundings,

she graduated with various degrees (psychology, geography, German literature)

from the Munich University LMU.

Working as a psychotherapist for children and adolescents and a film director at the same time is not a contradiction for her but in contrast a fruitful symbiosis to her inquisitive nature. Both jobs challenge her passion for viewing things in a different perspective.



Subway Train

music video, 5 min


The Last Dance

music video, 5 min

Don't get divorced

commercial, Netflix, 3 min

The boss is quitting his job

documentary, 20 min


social spot, 2 min


Would You Listen?

commercial, Troubled Desire , 2 min

The Meeting

social spot, 2 min



What are you looking for?

documentary, 30 min

Mary-Anne - When the shit hits the fan

fiction, 42 min


Tickets Please

fiction, 3 min

Delivery Room

fiction, 2 min


commercial, Goethe-Institut, 8 min




documentary, 30 minutes


Greener Grass

documentary, 12 minutes

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